Confused between basic, Semi and Modular kitchen in Jaipur?

Basic, semi-modular, and modular kitchen in Jaipur differ from one another in terms of construction, functionality, and degree of customization. Today in this blog, Best interior designer in Jaipur by NBP INTERIORS is trying to help you solve this big confusion, So stay tuned Here is your answer:

What Does Basic Kitchen Include?

  1. 1. Typically comes pre-assembled or in standard sizes with limited customization options.

  2. 2. Basic kitchens usually consist of standalone cabinets, countertops, and appliances that are installed individually

  3. 3. Materials used are usually budget-friendly and may not offer much variety in terms of finishes or colors.

  4. 4. Limited storage options and organization features compared to semi-modular or modular kitchens.

  5. 5. Basic kitchens are suitable for smaller budgets and for those who prioritize cost over customization and features.

What Does Semi-Modular Kitchen In Jaipur Have?

What Does Semi-Modular Kitchen In Jaipur Have?




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