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Imagine you are standing in front of a colossal fountain show with several others sitting tight for the light and water show to begin. Imagine the thrill of seeing the planes of water bounce and twirl in a delightful synchronized show, hitting the floor with the multi-hued lights in a staggering artful dance of water and light! Now, imagine if you can, that you were at your home sitting and watching this amazing fountain display created by our designers. Better believe it, it is a wonderful thing and it is the reason we do what we do!
We are a team of specialists, creators and designers who are truly enthusiastic about fountains. We adore planning them, programming them, building them, fixing and looking after them. Be that as it may, what we adore most, is watching them come to life! 

Our range of work is from small residential backyard fountains to the full-scale public and commercial fountain displays of all shapes and sizes. We can work with your existing plans, or structure a fountain for you. Your new water highlight will be developed from the ground up with the best attention to details. Need a floating fountain? A lit fountain? Need an all-out, Vegas-style show fountain?

NBP Interiors is your go-to source for fountain design. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing water and light dancing in an orchestrated movement of our own design! Exhilarating!


3D modeling

We provide a full range
of 3D interior modeling



Development of perfect design
of the project


2d planning

We provide 2D planning
for great visualization